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About Super Awesome Cool Kids

Super Awesome Cool Kids, also known as SACK, will be celebrating its 7th year together in 2015. As we embark on our 4th World of Warcraft expansion—Warlords of Draenor—we look forward to venturing into Highmaul, the seat of power for the Gorian Empire. Ogres will die and melee classes will die, but, hopefully, SACK will stand victorious as we turn to face the indomitable will of the Iron Horde in Draenor.

SACK is successful raiding guild at both normal and heroic levels. Guild Master Lavrans and Assistant Guild Master Lastsong are always working to keep our Raiders involved in the most recent content available in WoW. SACK also enjoys Fun Runs(R) for achievements, transmogrifications, mounts, and pets.

As a friends and family guild, we enjoy gaming with like-minded, casual individuals in a comfortable and fun environment. Most of all, members must be a good fit and hardworking. SACK prefers Raiders who earn their keep and place the needs of the guild and its members above their own.

There is a reason so many members have called SACK home for so many years. Keep on being awesome, SACK!

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